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Importing cars from Germany or other EU-countries

Have you seen an interesting car in Germany or any other EU country? But you’re not sure if it’s trustworthy or you don’t know how to import the vehicle to Belgium? We are happy to guide you through the whole purchasing and import process for new and used cars bought outside of Belgium. With our experience you can avoid mistakes concerning the import process or choosing a bad car.


The purpose of our service is that you can buy the car of your dreams without any stress, carefree and with no more risk than buying it in Belgium. We can deliver it to your home with all needed documents and technical vehicle inspection (cfr MOT) so the car only has to be registered with help of your insurance agent and the DIV.


Cars that are being located within a distance of +- 250 km of Neerpelt can usually immediately be collected on a trailer. This means the car will be transported, imported and passed the technical vehicle inspection within just a couple of days!


Cars located further than 250 km of Neerpelt always are picked up with combined transport (several cars on one truck). This to reduce transportation costs, therefore the average delivery time will be about 1 – 2.5 weeks after confirmation. If you want to have the car faster then you can also make use of our fast service option.  Please note ALL our transport from Germany (or other EU countries) always is on a trailer or truck, we never drive your car to Belgium (some competitors do, this often is not insured!) . But we prefer to work professional and without unnecessary extra kms or damage due to stone chips etc


We can also help you with importing cars that are difficult to import (American cars or cars without a EU COC), but take in mind that this can take 1.5 to 6 months to complete this process (validation / homologation process). This depends on the type of car, the technical adjustments, missing documents and the country it came from.

auto importeren uit Duitsland of andere EU land

Why import a car from Germany?

  • Wider range of available cars
  • Rare type of cars are easier to find
  • Cars are better equipped than in BE
  • Germans love their car, so most cars are better maintained/ in better condition
  • Also the prices are generally lower
  • Warranty at official dealerships is mostly EU-wide
    If not then we can offer you a Real Garant warranty and you can go to your local dealership in case of any problems (prices start at 350 EUR incl. VAT for 12 months, extendable to 36 months )
  • Generally speaking everything can be arranged within 2.5 weeks, with our fast service even in a couple of days!

Trex Cars, importing dreams! 

Volledige aankoopbegeleiding bij het importeren van je wagen


Customs + Vehcile Inspection
350/ex. VAT
  • You bring the car to us
  • We prepare import documents to request E705 (customs)
  • We arrange vehicle inspection
  • On average maximum 2 working days
  • (if planned upfront, then same day)
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>350 km
775/ex. VAT
  • Be aware, prices start from above amount. Always ask for a quote to know the exact price
  • Car search
  • Complete guidance in the purchasing process
  • Price negotiation
  • Insured transport (CMR)
  • We prepare import documents to request E705 (customs)
  • Vehicle inspection
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  • Prices are including vehicle inspection (cfr  MOT) and exclusive VAT (21%)
  • Every vehicle/ distance is different, so always ask a quote to know the exact price
  • Our highest standard rate for Germany is 950 EUR ex. VAT
  • Distance always calculated with Neerpelt as starting point.

What do you get for this amount:

  • We assist in the search of your dream car
  • Arrange contact with the seller
  • Ask the right questions to limit all risks to a minimum
  • We negotiate the best price for you
  • We inspect the car as good as possible*
  • Arrange transport to Belgium
    (insured transport; CMR insurance)
  • Import your car in a correct way
  • Go to the vehicle inspection
  • After all this you can pickup the car in Neerpelt (trainstation only 5 min walk)
    Or you can make use of our delivery service

*visual inspection including photo’s, after the car is bought (all damages will be noted on waybill (CMR))

We want to be as clear & transparent as possible in our way of working and prices. So you won’t experience any unpleasant surprises or will get bad advise. This way we build on long term business relationships and satisfied customers!