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Are there still additional costs/ taxes?

There are NO addional costs or taxes in case the car is imported from another EU country. So your total price to get the car to Belgium (transport, customs, vehicle inspection)


  • Is the price of the car (most of the times we can arrange a discount for you, if you let us take care of the negotiation)
  • + the cost of our service (see price table)

This means you will have the car fully imported from Germany or any other EU country to Belgium for more or less the asking price of the foreign seller (if a discount is obtained of course).

Also, you NEVER have to pay the VAT twice, IF you arrange everything correctly. So that’s why it’s better to contact us at the beginning and not at the end of the purchasing process.

Please note, we are not reliable for any technical issues discovered at the vehicle inspection (MOT). We can always help you in repairing the damages/ solving the issues, against a price we both agreed on. So your car passes the vehicle inspection and can be registered in Belgium.

Why no fixed prices for your service?

Because every car is different (SUV’s/ MPV’s are more expensive in transport because of their measurements/ weight). Also not every route is the same, so if it’s a hard place to get to than prices can be more expensive then places that are easily reachable (even at a same distance but different direction).

But don’t be afraid, the difference will never be that big, only a couple of 100’s of EUR for large distances or bigger cars. So to get an SUV somewhere in far part of Germany you will maximally pay 950 EUR ex. VAT ¬†if choosing the standard service.

When are there costs involved?

From the moment you signed a contract with us, and we only ask you to do this when the deal about the car is closed. So asking for a quote or a car search, contact potential sellers will always be free. But please don’t abuse this, so only make use of these advantages in case of serious interest, thx ūüôā.

When is the best moment to contact Trex Cars?

Preferably BEFORE you close the deal, unless you are very sure the paperwork is alright. We already had several customers who tried it themselves and bought cars who are very difficult to register in Belgium because of several reasons. It can always be solved, but it will take a lot of time and can cost you a lot more money.

So to prevent this, please always contact us at the beginning of the purchasing process!

What does Trex Cars do exactly and what is your added value?

We arrange everything besides the payment of the car (directly to the German seller) and the registration of the car ( your insurance agent can help you with this or you can go by yourself to the DIV or you can chose for the preregistration option and we do it for you)

What we do is:

  • We assist in the¬†search¬†of your dream car
  • Arrange contact with the seller
  • Ask the right questions to¬†limit all risks to a minimum
  • Arrange a DEKRA/ TUV gebrauchtwagen report so you know what you are buying
  • We negotiate the best price for you
  • We¬†inspect¬†the car as good as possible*
  • Arrange¬†transport¬†to Belgium
    (insured transport; CMR insurance)
  • Prepare all documents for customs (E705)¬†
  • Go to the¬†vehicle inspection
  • After all this you can pickup the car in Neerpelt (trainstation only 5 min walk)
    Or you can make use of our delivery service

*visual inspection including photo’s, after the car is bought (all damages will be noted on waybill (CMR))

‚ÄĘ Arranging COC’s (certificate of conformity) for difficult to import cars

Our added value is that you don’t have to have any worries or don’t have to do anything. Because of our experience (daily import) we have a good estimation on how things go or if something is trustworthy or not. By using our service you can prevent extra costs and/ or problems with the registration of your car.

What is the best place to buy my car?

We always advise to buy a car at an official dealership, these are recognizable by their logo’s which are explicitly displayed in their advertisements or on their websites.

Those cars are mostly a little bit more expensive than at smaller non-official car dealers. But you get what you pay for and if it’s to good to be true, then it’s to good to be true :)!

We never had bad experiences with official dealerships, unfortunately we can’t say that about smaller car dealers. However, it’s not that you can’t buy a good car at a smaller car dealership, but you/ we have to check everything twice as good!

What websites do you use?

We always use because you can search for cars in several countries at the time, this way you immediately see where you can find the best deal!

If we don’t find it over there then we also have a look at¬†¬†

If you still don’t find anything, then you could use following sites: (private sellers) (private sellers)

Do I have to pay the VAT twice?

Once and for all, you NEVER have to pay the VAT twice IF you arrange everything correclty. Only for private persons there can be a difference in approach. Please remember this rule:

New cars (younger than 6 months OR less then 6000 km), these you always buy without VAT in any EU country. Also if you are a private buyer, this means the car will be 2% more expensive in Belgium because of the VAT difference.

Of course this is only applicable on car’s where the VAT is refundable, if you buy a new car from a private person and the VAT is therefore not refundable anymore then you will pay 21% VAT in Belgium on top of the price in Germany/ other EU country.

For business people, there doesn’t change anything they always buy without VAT (net price).¬†Please note, almost all German sellers will ask the VAT as a deposit until the car has been registered in Belgium, this to prevent fraud. Afterwards they’ll transfer the VAT amount back to you.

How to pay?

You always pay directly to the German seller. We advise you to do this by bank transfer, while the risk then will be the same as if you buy the car in Belgium.

Buying at a private seller is also possible, but there always will be a risk for one of you or if you split the payment risk for the both of you. You can pay half in advance and half when the car is on transportation. Or you can pay cash and take the car with you immediately, that last option will be the safest for all parties.

If you pay by bank transfer to a private seller, please always ask as many details as possible (copy of ID, home address, car documents etc).

Register at "DIV"

Your insurance agent can help you with this, some of them offer to arrange everything for their customers including going to the DIV, others don’t.

You will get all needed documents from us including the request for registration form. For imported cars the insurance agent can not apply for your registration/ license plate online, somebody physically has to go to the DIV. Licences plates will be send by post to your home after 1 or 2 days.

If you already have European type license plates then you can immediately start using them and you don’t have to go to the DIV.

What kind of discounts can I expect in Germany?

The prices in Germany are already significantly lower than in Belgium. So please don’t expect big discounts, because you will be disappointed! Also if the car really suits you, don’t wait to long to confirm it, because if it’s a nice car with a fair price it will be gone soon!

You can expect discounts of 100 to 1000 EUR on average, if you obtain bigger discounts then you are a good negotiator or just really lucky :). The more expensive the car is, the bigger the discount will be of course. But even on really expensive cars they don’t give huge discounts. ¬†Most of the times, the price is the price unless the car is already on sale for a while.

Good cars always will be sold, so that’s why they stick to their prices longer.

Of course we try to earn the price of our service back or even more by negotiating the best possible price for you! 

Can I trust importing a car from another country?

We do our best to reduce risks as much as possible and until know we did a pretty good job on that! Due to our experience we have a better eye for good and bad cars/ car dealers. If we think it’s not trust-able then we will honestly tell you, and advise you to not buy the car!

We import cars on a daily basis and have many satisfied customers:

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Some tips about looking for the right car:

  • Always look at the rating of the seller on social media or car websites, it should be at least +- 4* and the more reviews it has the more trustworthy that rating is
  • Always try to buy at official dealerships, only if the price advantage is big enough buy at smaller car dealers or private sellers
  • If it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true!!
  • Cars from other EU countries or US import or European cars now sold in Germany often are accident cars
  • Always ask in what condition the car is before closing the deal, preferably by email so there is no discussion afterwards
  • Cars in Germany aren’t accident free anymore when the damage is above 500 EUR, so it won’t immediately mean a car is bad when it’s not ‘unfallfrei’/ accident free. Always ask what kind of damage it was and then judge if it’s acceptable to you or not
Where can I calculate the BIV (registration tax) and yearly tax

BIV/ yearly tax you can calculate here:

For businesses this is also important:

Import cars from outside the EU

If you import a car from outside the EU, please always keep in mind following costs:

Import tax (mostly 10 %)
VAT 21%

Homologation procedure (certificate of conformity)¬†: all cars have to be conform the European standards, this procedure has to be followed when your car doesn’t have a COC.

If you take a car with you because you moved from another country then this is not applicable, please ask us for the requirements.